Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Diversions... or... Creating?!?

Today I am thinking a lot about keeping time, completing pertinent tasks, making strides in business, and making sure to enjoy life. Time – that ever elusive, quantifiable, maddening factor that some would argue actually doesn’t exist. Always a philosophical question to get my brain going.

This morning I started my routine as usual: I awoke, meditated, set my intentions, spent some time thinking about how I would theoretically manage my time and projects, and set on with my day. I am driving to the Florida Keys and had a deadline by which I needed to be there. The difference with flying and driving:  control or the perception of control. When driving, if I am late it is essentially my fault. I easily could have left at 10am as opposed to my actual departure time of 2pm. With a flight, the pilot, maintenance crew, flight schedules have more control on that day than I do.

Well, I just pulled out my laptop while in the care because traffic is on a complete standstill. A semi-trailer has jack-knifed, stalling all of us on this two lane highway. I hope the driver is safe and heathy, as well as anyone involved. I send positive thoughts to my fellow travelers – that we all just take this moment to look at the beautiful sky, take a nap, converse with each other, or become productive in our work. Obviously, I am choosing the latter.  
Semi has taken over the road... But that sky!!!

I am grateful for the wonderful way in which I am learning this lesson about productivity. I mean, I could have chosen to soak up some vitamin D and sunbathe, or taken a nap. As I lineup the businesses I am starting, I realize there are at least 4-5 projects on which I need to work on continually to make them all work. I could choose to focus on one per month, but then they won’t gain momentum. Some of the tasks for them are simply that, and some are a creative process on which I can easily go down a fun rabbit hole, on my way towards Wonderland. It is easy to get caught up in Wonderland and forget about necessary Taskland. Today, my strategy is to complete 2 items from Taskland, followed by 1 in Wonderland. My hope is that will keep me looking forward to the adventure while also completing the mundane.

Since I am in my car, I don’t have a magical stove and oven to pull out and start cooking something for all the travelers who are enjoying this hiatus with me. It would be a wonderful way to create. Which is taking me into creative space of recipes that I could make – homemade sausages, pickled veggies, different ketchups and mustards. I think I just created a hot dog concept, in theory… See, rabbit hole. Maybe I should start packing such equipment, I am sure these travelers would enjoy a food break.
Sure, that's a lot of people NOT moving, but it sure is a GORGEOUS day! 

The biggest lesson learned, embrace the diversions and the moments that pop up to work and create.

Safe travels friends, and Love Stranger(s).



  1. Or you could have a food truck instead, use that captive audience as an eager market?

    1. I instantly wished I had one. Could you imagine the wonderful restaurant chaos that would ensue?