Monday, September 12, 2016

A Glimpse Into The Future

Allow me to transport you to how I envision the future. I obviously love to travel and explore the different cuisines of the world, here is how I would like to do so.  

Today, I find myself in yet another city. This is the last of several days exploring San Antonio with its up and coming food scene. Some would say this food scene has been around for years. I wake up with the sun grazing my face and birds chirping outside the window. I have a packed day scheduled since I fly home to Florida today. I take a big stretch, get comfy by the window and prepare for a short meditation to clear the fog away. I set intentions for today, clearly visualizing how my presentation will go, the way conversations will transpire; in my own way trying to bless the day and instill positive energy.

A great workout helps me truly feel alive, alert, and awake. It is time to get ready – a woman’s typical morning routine, taking time to look and feel good. It will be a wonderful day.  Now that I feel the part, it is time to pack up and get out of the hotel.

The reason for my trip is to help a new client fully develop his restaurant concept. We have explored his desires for menu creation and overall feel of the restaurant. Today he gets to see a bit more of what that will look like, in pictures, sounds and flavors.  A full package has been created for him and I am honored to transport him to our joint vision of his restaurant. With my luggage, presentation, and chef coat in hand I make my way over to his restaurant space. It is time to prepare, show, create, taste, and experience what his new restaurant can be like.

Hours later I leave the restaurant with just the right amount of dirt on my chef coat and a beaming smile on my face. It always feels great to put a full vision together, his vision when he could not find the words, and add sprinkles of trend and operational savvy.  I get to make my way now to one of my absolute favorite places; an airport. Watching airplanes take-off and land is pure joy; second only to that feeling of adventure and freedom that comes from being on a plane during take-off and landing. I snap some pictures on my flight, the view is simply spectacular up here. With a giddy laugh, I prepare for home.

Time to see my honey and watch my Knights play. As boosters and avid fans, we catch every game possible. The freedom of this business has allowed me to schedule meetings at times so that I can be here live for the games. This evening, I can feel the youthful hope of a new team. They are fresh and competitive, committed to each other and their coaches.  I realize, as the fans cheer and chant, that we have all needed folks in our corner in this same way. Not just when we are young and fresh and new, but also as we progress and embark on new adventures.

The energy in the stands and the experiences of the week spark a new idea. I stay up late trying to bring this vision a new life. How else can I make sure that we “Love Strangers”?

Stay tuned to find out.

Thank you for letting me dream!

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